Startup Study Tour in Silicon Valley.

April, 11-15

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The year 2022 starts with great news for the Ukrainian hub team. With the support of the American organization CRDF Global, we are conducting a large-scale initiative for graduates and grantees of our previous programs.

The delegation of Ukrainian startups will go for a study trip to Silicon Valley, the USA.

The expert commission of CRDF Global and Ukrainian hub choosed 6 teams

About program

that will be awarded a travel grant to participate in the conference Startup Grind Global 2022 and the Study Tour, which will take place from April 11 to April 15.

We are happy to announce that 20 shortlisted startups have selected for this call.

Program activities

Participation in the Startup Grind Global 2022 conference - attending reports, lectures, workshops.



Interacting with the community of entrepreneurs and investors from all around the world.

Study visit of successful companies in the Valley, as well as startup incubators and accelerators.

Study tour

Demo Day

Pitches of the projects for a community of entrepreneurs and investors from Silicon Valley.

November, 25 - December, 5
November, 25 - December, 5
Startups data collection
December, 5 - 16
December, 5 - 16
Candidates shortlisting
December, 16 - April, 10
December, 16 - April, 10
preparation phase
April, 11
April, 11
Workshops, Networking, Pre-registration SGG2022
April, 12-13
April, 12-13
April, 14-15
April, 14-15
Intro Day
April, 11
Redwood City
13:00 – 13:15
Opening: Welcome Speeches
CRDF Global: Christopher Addisson, Nina Cairns 
Ukrainian hub: Olesia Malovana, Ana Nosulenko, Mick Safron
13:15 – 14:00
Lecture, Q&A Session
Martin Kaszubowski
Lecture, Q&A Session
Warren Haber
14:45 – 16:00
Lunch break
16:00 - 17:00
Tech Talk, Q&A Session
Vitaliy Kulikov
Study Day Program
April, 14
Foley & Lardner LLP
975 Page Mill Road
Palo Alto
10:00 – 10:15
Opening: Welcome Speeches
CRDF Global: Christopher Addisson, Nina Cairns 
Ukrainian hub: Olesia Malovana, Ana Nosulenko, Mick Safron
10:15 – 11:00
Tech Talk, Q&A Session
Andrey Akselrod,
Startup Talk, Q&A Session
Alexandr Neskin, PetCube
11:45 – 12:00
Coffee break
12:00 - 12:45
Invest Talk, Q&A Session
Kate Seledets, One Valley Ventures
12:45 - 14:00
Lunch Break
14:00 - 14:45
Scale-Up Talk, Q&A Session
Valery Yalouskikh
14:45 - 15:30
Tech Talk, Q&A Session
Anton Borzov
15:30 - 15:45
Coffee Break
15:45 - 16:30
Invest Talk, Q&A session
Vitaly Golomb
16:30 - 17:15
Law Talk, Q&A session
Alexander Ravski
Martin Kaszubovski
Executive Director Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Old Dominion
Kate Seledets
Investment team, One Valley Ventures
Warren Habber
Managing Director of Exoventure Associates
Alexandr Neskin
CTO & Founder, Petcube
Marco Rubin
Managing Director & Founder of Exoventure Associates
Andrey Akselrod
CTO at
Valery Yalouskikh
Startup Advisor
Vitaliy Kulikov
Principal Engineer at Amazon Music
Vitaly Golomb
Mobility & Sustainability Partner,Drake Star
Alexander Ravski
Associate at Foley & Lardner LLP
Anton Borzov
Head of Design, ex-Neeva, ex-WhatsApp
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Ukrainian Hub — the organization aimed to support national businesses by establishing cooperation and relationships with world leaders in startup ecosystems

CRDF Global — American independent non-profit organization that promotes security, reliability, and sustainability through science and innovation

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